History the prior life of Cantinone bed and breakfast and apartments in Cupramontana

Our first view of the Cantinone in May 2001

The Old Great Wine Cellar - Il Vecchio Cantinone

Construction of Il Vecchio Cantinone in Cupramontana

Il Vecchio Cantinone was erected in 1905 by an important local producer of Verdicchio wine - of which Cupramontana is still considered the historic capital - and was used to gather and store all the wine production of the surrounding country. Still visible and intact are the cement casks distributed along the wall of the great cellar, which stretches away from the road towards the back of the house. This elegant example of rural/industrial architecture is sited in a hilly and panoramic location and is surrounded by greenery, vines, fruit trees, and a large garden and forest area.

The building is conveniently located in the heart of the best Verdicchio vineyards, 25 km from the sea, on the main road to Cupramontana and not far from the main Rome/Ancona highway. It is situated on a gently rolling hill with lovely views across the valley of the Esinante river.

Construction on the building commenced after the development of the road in it's present location. Previously the lane giving access to the valley was on the other side of the stream, but was re-built to the current location using prisioner of war labour. The cantina and house were probably built in the location for the good water supply, which was needed both for the cantina and the laundry. The Cantinone also housed the local communal laundry, in the area now used by Visciola Apartment as a private terrace.