Restoration of an Antique Winery - Cantinone bed and breakfast and apartments in Cupramontana

Il Vecchio Cantinone restoration story

Our first view of the Cantinone in May 2001

Our first view of the Cantinone - first viewing with the agents

Restoration 2001 - 2005

When we purcased the Cantinone in September 2001 it was with high hopes of a year's restoration and retention of the main structure of the house.

The reality was nearly 4 years reconstruction and practically every item being replaced, bought new or reused from another part of the house. We engaged a geometra in Jesi and a builder in Cupramontana which turned out for us the very best possible solution, as we were able to stay in London and work hard to pay the bills on the re-build in Italy.

Work commenced in March 2003 and our first overnight stay was spent in the house on September 30th 2004. We moved to Italy permanently February 13th 2006.

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