Regional and National Parks and open spaces near the Cantinone

Walking in the Golla Delle Rossa

Gola delle Rossa

The 'pink gorge' so named for the pinkish colour of the stones. The Natural Regional Park of Gola della Rossa and Frasassi is the " green heart " of the Marche Region. Recognised as a regional park in September 1997 containing 10.026 hectares, it is the largest regional protected area and includes the subterranean complex of Frasassi caves. A trip in the park is a "trip in the Marche heart", discovering the historical, natural and artistic treasures with landscapes rich in charm and harmony. The park is part of a wider area, that of Montana Community of Esino-Frasassi, with many historical treasures, archaelogical and cultural sites.

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Apiro Lake

Il Lago Castreccioni, also known as Lago di Cingoli, is a lake created in the ’80 when a dam was placed across the Musone River. The biggest artificial lagoon in the Marche region (rather, in all of Central Italy), Lago Castreccioni covers more than 2 squared kilometers and reaches depths of 55 feet. The dam itself is 67 meters long and stretches for 280 meters. Standing in the middle of it, there is a great contrast to behold: on one side, a peaceful pond, one the other, a sudden drop that stretches on for a while before the forest ground and stream at the bottom.

The area surrounding the lake is rich with all kinds of local flora and fauna, as well as migratory birds. The clean water offers a variety of fish and reflects the surrounding mountains with surprising clarity. Activities comprise of those pertaining to excursions during summer vacation: long hikes along the lake’s perimeter, fishing (Category B fishing license and an authorized regional membership ticket required… but it’s Italy, who checks?!), renting out paddle boats, picnicking, and lounging upon its few secluded shores. There are RV facilities and a couple of caffe’s directly on the lake, as well as several agriturismo establishments a little bit further off that have popped up in the past couple of years.

If you’re feeling particularly brave, there is also Cingoli Avventura, central Italy’s first adventure park that recently opened and offers a variety of tree-climbing and zip-lining courses for both younger and older adventurers.

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Monte Conero and the coastal area

Monte Conero National Park

The Regional Natural Park of Conero is a place of rare beauty extending across the municipalities of Ancona, Camerano, Numana and Sirolo.

It lies on a stretch of the coastline and over an extensive hillside, offering unique scenic views and a historical atmosphere, Mount Conero, at an altitude of 572 meters and rising directly from the sea, is part of a unique promontory that extends from Trieste to Gargano. The presence of abandoned caves transforms the Park into an open book of geological history encapsulating the stratigraphical succession of the Umbrian and Marche regions.

Founded in 1987 to protect the wealth and variety of the flora and fauna, and cultural treasures of the area, the Conero Regional Nature Reserve (Parco Regionale del Conero) boasts numerous botanic specialities such as tree spurge, wallflowers and wild fennel. As it is a protected area it is a haven for various mammals, such as badgers, foxes, polecats, hedgehogs, and weasels. There are also wild boar and roe deer that, though not native, have been adopted by the protected area.

A noted migration destination for birds of prey, it is valuable for bird-watching enthusiasts, and it is often possible to see the beautiful sight of herons in flight or resting on stopover points.

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Castelluccio in the Monte Sibillini Park

Sibillini National Park

A mountain chain rising in the heart of Italy and reaching with Mt. Vettore the 2,476m. A territory where the magic of local nature, history, and culture has contributed in defining a unique and unrepeatable reality.

Here, in the kingdom of the mythic Sibilla, Monti Sibillini National Park was established in 1993 (with over 70,000 ha), with the aim to safeguard the environment, promote a social and economic sustainable development, and favor the creation of a "Park for everyone". The Wolf, the Golden Eagle, the Peregrine, and a number of endemic species are the most evident elements of a biological richness which, along with the charm of the abbeys and the medieval historical town centers lying in a crown at the foot of the mountains, have shaped an old and fascinating world where time has stopped to honor a reality of extraordinary beauty..

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Monte Cucco Regional Park

The Monte Cucco Regional Park, on Umbria’s northeast border with the Marches, is a part of the Umbrian-Marches Apennines which preserves an environmental, naturalistic and cultural patrimony of important proportions.

The protected area, which includes the towns of Costacciaro Fossato di Vico, Sigillo, Scheggia and Pascelupo, covers 26,000 acres of land and has, at its highest point, the top of Monte Cucco at 1,566 meters above sea level. The eastern side of the park is punctuated by spectacular rocky gorges and woods, like the Valle delle Prigioni and the Gola del Rio Freddo. Inside the mountain there are kilometres of underground caverns of incomparable beauty, a paradise for spelunkers and speleologists.

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