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Cupramontana Capital of Verdicchio

Cupramontana is known as the capital of "Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi", an important Italian white wine. It is also the birthplace of Luigi Bartolini, famous painter and engraver and author of the novel which inspired the movie "Ladri di biciclette" directed by Vittorio de Sica. Cupramontana is located in the heart of the Marche Region, 505 metres above sea level,and is the ideal place for holidays, for "wine and food" tours and for cultural tourism. Here you will not find the crowds of tourists as you find in Tuscany and Umbria here your holiday accommodation is amoungst locals who live in tourist-free villages and towns.

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Cupramontana Weekly Market

You will find fresh fruit and vegetables, household items and a good range of clothing from Italian produces and from far-away lands. The local buffalo mozzerella farm has a stall there, and there is a stand selling lovely olives and other profuce from Puglia. There is something for everyone.

Cupramontana Market Day Monday

Visit the historic centre of Cupramontana

Take a self-guided tour around the historic centre of Cupramontana with our Tourist Guide which is downloadable fom our site. Download here the Tourist Guide to Cupramontana. Find out where the Roman Cistern is in Cupramontana, and the meaning of the pattern of coloured flagstones on the Piazza 4 November. Also you can join the Historical Guided Tour of Cupramontana which leaves the Tourist Office Wednesday evenings at 18:00 (summer months only). Discover the 'Hidden Secrets of Cupramontana' with the walking tour, suitable for all ages, and given in Italian and English.

Cupramontana Comune Buildings

Walking in the Countryside

Discover the Eremo di Frati Bianchi only 2 kms from the Cantinone. Cupramontana has a walking group you can join in for a strenuous hike around the countryside in the company of Italian and English-speaking locals. Guided walks are every Saturday morning. There are many walks on Monte San Vivino to explore (1750m) or you can take a walk around the vineyards and hilltop towns nearby.

Walking in Cupramontana Vineyards in Autumn

Corpus Cristi Festival - June

On the day of Corpus Christi (the Second Sunday after Pentacost) a floral display is laid on the route of a religious procession. School children make drawings for these designs. Previously there was a tradition that the children of the Confraternita del Santissimo Sacramento equipped with wicker baskets full of simple flower petals from the countryside, scattered them on the ground before the procession of the Blessed Sacrament led by the priest, passed. After the war, when times were better and the economic and civil life began to flourish again, willing and artistic talents took the initiative to sort the flowers into colour and place them on the ground according to certain patterns.

Flowers decorate the streets at Corpus Christi

Sagra Dell'Uva - Grape Festival

Cupramontana's Grape Festival was first held on September 23, 1928, making it one of the oldest festivals of wine or grapes in Italy. It has been held for decades on the first Sunday of the month of October, and also now on the preceding Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The festival celebrates not only the grape harvest but also the fertility of the land, particularly important in this area rich in vineyards planted with Verdicchio vines. The Sagra Dell’Uva draws thousands of people to Cupramontana for the days of the festival, when you han enjoy live music, good food and of course, wine from the region.

Flowers decorate the streets at Corpus Christi

Hermitage of the White Friars - Friati Bianchi

The Eremo dei Frati Bianchi (Hermitage of the White Friars), is so called for the white robes of the monks. The Eremo was founded in the eleventh century by San Romualdo, the father of the Congregation of Monte Corona Camaldolese friars who remained at the Eremo until 1927. In the early centuries of the year 1000, the first hermits and monks lived in caves dug into the wall of the mountain, only about 1500 a small church was built. The present building was completed in 1790. The caves are still visible. Currently the Hermitage is private property, but you can see the exterior, the interior courtyard and the extraordinary sinks for washing. You get to the Hermitage with a short and pleasant walk. It is one of the most important religious settlements testifying to the origins of Christianity in the Marche region and Europe. The monastery is situated between Cupramontana and Poggio Cupro in a deep ravine full of igrofiell vegetation extremely rare throughout the region and therefore the area and its flora is protected.

Flowers decorate the streets at Corpus Christi

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Your guide to Cupramontana

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