Walking and Cycling in Le Marche - routes from the Cantinone

Walking and Cycling network in the Castelli del Verdicchio

Our local accommodation association Cupramontana-Accoglie has developed a walking and cycling trail network for the region around Cupramontana. With this map you can access the "Node network Castelli del Verdicchio" which are walking and cycling trails around Cupramontana, you can print the maps and also download the walking maps to your own GPS unit.

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Node network Castelli del Verdicchio

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  • o 97 numbered node
  • 2,9km distance between two nodes
  • _____ asphalt road
  • _____ gravel road (strada bianca)
  • _____ walking and cycling path
  • _____ trackway
Marche countryside green fields

When is it best to go to Le Marche?

There is something to do in Le Marche year round. There are mountains to ski on, or trek over. While it can be hot between mid-July to mid-August, it is rarely overcrowded and here in the hills before the mountains the breezes are cooling.

May, June and September are the ideal months to tour Le Marche if you don't like the heat. In these months the landscape is clothed in spring green or the first tints of autumn, any rain tends towards brief showers rather than endless drizzle, and it's usually possible to visit towns without searching for a parking space. Some of the best festivals are held in spring, early summer and in autumn.

The wettest seasons are mid-February to mid-April and mid-October to mid-December when days of grey mist and rain can set in up in the mountains. It can also be cold in midwinter, particularly when the northerly tramontana winds blow.