We love to share this paradise


Dear guests,


we all are feeling the consequences of the current situation – now and in the future. 

 Surely you are very interested to know how we want to ensure that you can enjoy your stay safely and without worries. Therefore we would like to inform you about how we will deal with the current situation and hope that this way you can convince yourself that everything will go fine during your holidays.

We have compiled the following rules of action which are in accordance to the standards set by the government:

1.        Before your arrival, our cleaning team will clean the entire apartment in the best possible way. All kitchen utensils will be cleaned, the dishes will be washed freshly from the dishwasher and any cleaning tool you need to keep the kitchen clean, like sponges or rags, will be changed. In addition to all door handles and window openers, every switch or control panel is desinfected.

2.        Before you enter your apartment, all rooms are ventilated intensively; for this purpose we open all windows for hours. Principially we try to organise a break of several days between the stays.    

3.        Sets of bed linen we wash at 60° resp. 90°, so you can be sure that all viruses are extincted; furthermore all blankets are changed.

4.        PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN PILLOWS WITH YOU! Of course you can use our complete bed linen free of any worries, but we understand that the pillows are a very sensible part of the bed set and from our own experience we think this recommendation is reasonable.

5.        We provide for you one-way gloves, face masks and a range of desinfection products incl. cleaning utensils such as wishmops or microfiber cloths. 

6.        Pool zone:

a.   Try to separate yourself from the other guests. We will place and prepare all the sunbeds and umbrellas for you; please don’t reduce the distances to the other pool sets on your own.

b.   Please use your own towels. The towel size should be large enough to cover the whole sun bed, alternatively you can use several towel pieces.

c.    All beds and pool utilities are cleaned by us every day. Additionally you will find wet wipes for self-cleaning in all common areas.

d.   Try to hold distance to other guests and staff during your stay  

7.        BBQ zone:

a.   The BBQ zone inclusive table under the pergola may only be used by one group of guests.

b.   Visitors from outside are prohibited! 

c.    Please clean the place carefully after use.